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When I do I see an Indian or arab girl with a guy of a different race, hes always white.To be specific, I live in the southern United States, probably one of the worst places for blacks to engage in interracial dating.

I have been through this myself, though I am ashamed to admit it, now knowing how horribly most pakistanis/muslims MEN treat women, and I would never do it again, I did date a does go both ways, though I would be shocked if a pakistani woman would be gutsy enough to date for fear of her family's reaction..i knew a girl who did this and her father basically disowned opinion she is better off now.

the fact is, even if someone was born here, if they were raised in a very culturally warped environment, they are going to think one way, and it can create a lot of heartache.

In the year 2000, he won the “Murex d’Or” as the Musician of the year.

Rouhana has composed various compositions for the famous dance group “Caracalla” and has also accompanied the legendary Fairuz, Majida El Roumi, Julia Boutros, and Hariprasad Chaurasia in numerous performances.

We have performed at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre, Aga Khan Museum, the Maureen Forrester Recital Hall in Waterloo, the Algonquin Commons Theatre in Ottawa, Oscar Peterson Concert Hall in Montreal and most recently at the Stratford Summer Music Festival (2016,) and Luminato Festival (2017).

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Yes, things are changing, but you should take everything with a grain of salt..

In most south Asian cultures(Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Indian,etc.) People MAY date outside of their culture/race, but when it comes to a comittment, don't expect one.

The Canadian Arabic Orchestra will be accompanying Rouhana for this show/program in Toronto and Montreal.

The Canadian Arabic Orchestra is a non-profit organisation based in Mississauga registered in Ontario in spring 2015, with the goal of promoting multicultural dialogue among the tapestry of Canadian Society through music and songs performing concerts in many cities around Canada.

Lebanese composer, singer and musician, Charbel Rouhana is one of the few masters who shaped the Arab lute (Oud) and its techniques.

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