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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center would not confirm that the hospital offers the procedure that may perform abortions so the article states.

In a statement released to the news media yesterday, the hospital asked people to limit their visiting hours to between and in the evening.

But hospital officials said that solution is temporary and they are waiting for the diocese's counsel before taking further steps.

And she never once thought that the image in the window was anything other than the image she had come to see.‘‘ To me, it was the image of the Blessed Mother holding the baby child.

Our Lady has appeared many times before in the world, so it is not surprising to me that she would appear again. Milton - Overrun with worshipers praying before a likeness of the Virgin Mary in a third-story window, Milton Hospital officials have asked the Archdiocese of Boston to caution people against placing faith in the image, a church official confirmed yesterday.

The Vigliones were among many people to gaze at the window yesterday from the parking lot behind the hospital's medical office building.

Laurene Viglione said her hour there was time well spent. They were my deceased mother's, and they have special significance to me,'' Viglione said today.Around the corner from the likeness of Mary was another chemical spot on another third-story window. Phinn has not done so in the case of the hospital window, which drew an esimated 20,000 visitors last weekend, said the Rev. But only last week did the murky patches begin taking on a form that — without much imagination — looks very much like a robed Madonna, with bowed head. "It seems like every day it gets clearer," said Sharon Mc Garty, of Braintree, an office administrator for a doctor who works across the hall from eye examination room where the image appeared. Why did the vision all of a sudden pop out to people?Christopher Coyne, a spokesman for the Archdiocese of Boston. "Word of the vision has spread through media and word-of-mouth, drawing more than 25,000 believers to the hospital's nondescript brick wall and turning it into an impromptu religious shrine. One hospital worker saw a mother bring her son, who uses a wheelchair, to touch the wall with his legs."The message I think that she is trying to relay is that we need to pray for peace, for a stop to abortion, for a conversion of sinners," said John Pires, 59, of Flagler Beach, Fla., who said the rosary with his wife in the parking lot below the window today.''Obviously, there has been a significant outpouring of sincere religious belief, and I want to be sure the hospital doesn't do anything sacrilegious or is in any way disrespectful to the Virgin Mary.''A church official said the hospital has asked the archdiocese for help in cautioning people against placing faith in the image.In the past, church leaders have been reluctant to comment one way or the other on such phenomena.Milton hospital is not a Catholic hospital, it also does not approve of or perform abortions.


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