Is andy sixx dating hanna beth

they were best friends for many years and im sure they had to have groupies and other excesses couriosity is taking me to other places.robyn found out he had hiv,he said he was pretty sure he got it while on tour.

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When Vince was a teenager, he would go to skating rinks and compete in lip-sinking contests and would win every time.

Vince and his buddies would go out of town to go to these competitions and Vince slowly realized that he was actually singing the songs- and singing them good. When Mick Mars was perscribed medicine for his back pain and started to hallucinate.

To Chace: from page 62 of The Dirt, I quote "Through his day job at the Starwood, Nikki somehow managed to talk his boss into letting us play our first shows there:two sets on Friday and Saturday opening up for Y&T.

Mick was jittery because we'd never run through a complete show in rehearsal." Doesn't sound like a band that played the Whiskey.and he is pretty sure he got it from thing here is you never here nikki talking about his health, im pretty sure he has hep.c...they even took vacation together,2 junkies together is bad.He called his doctor and the doctor said that it would soon go away- but it didn't and Mick was soon seeing his footprints ((they weren't there)) He saw them in a glowing orange color on the ground. The doctor said to keep taking it to see if the strange side effects went away.Mick decided to quit taking it right away.i have been reading alot of post,and not one post gets in the "dark' side of nikki and robyn crosby of ratt.Nikki Sixx got his name from one of his ex-girlfriend's ((ex))boyfriend's name. Nikki couldn't decide what he wanted his name to be and he thought that ((quote))Nikki Seven is just not a cool name((quote)).

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