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It too fell in the month of May, making this one very scary case of base 7 repetition.The date was May 19, 1780, and the region affected by a mysterious darkness was Nostradamus predicts that the "great Ocean" will be placed "into terror" by an enemy associated with the color red ("communism").Of course an attack on a US Pacific island base is the next worst thing to a strike on a very large US ship in the Pacific.

Thus, I don't believe in failed dreams of the future ...

I think if they are truly prophetic, they will be fulfilled It appears beneath my prediction "North Korea Sinks US Naval Vessel" because it is not unlikely that any North Korean attack on Guam, nuclear or non-nuclear, may well involve an attack on a US battleship or aircraft carrier or multiple US ships.

If the great Ocean is the Pacific Ocean, then the enemy will come from North Korea or China or both.

Ultimately, even Russia will get involved and then a nuclear World War III may result ...

It is a problem the wide-ranging world of prophecy has in store for us.

That when focusing on one single issue or phenomenon, not one single prophecy but two, three, four, or many different prophecies by various different prophets may apply to that event.

Below we discussed the Red Nova, still known only as KIC 9832227, the binary stars in Cygnus that are supposed to collide and create a red supernova in 2022.

It was noted that this sounds an awful lot like INTRODUCTION (8/11/17 AM): Old dreams of the future ... are very important: I have seen a number of them happen several years later, even many years later in some cases.

The precedent for such an event is from a rather long time ago: 413 (7 x 59) years earlier than 2017 to be exact.


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