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Once they have developed your trust, they may ask you to share a naked picture or video of yourself with them, or ask you to perform a sexual act over webcam.Once they have your photo or video, they will then make further sexual or financial demands of you, making threats to share your nude images or videos with friends, family or others online if their demands are not met.If you wouldn’t show your family or friends the image, then you shouldn’t share it online with people you do not know.

Remember, once you share you lose that control and are consenting to making your information and content public.

Keeping Your Personal Information Private Interacting with People Offline Being Aware of Predators Ceasing Communication and Reporting Threats Community Q&A Chatrooms are a fun place to engage in discussion about a variety of topics.

While most people who frequent online chatrooms are good people, there are some who are there to prey on or bully other people.

Fortunately, by taking steps to keep your personal information private, being cautious when it comes to interacting with people you meet online, and ending communication with people who threaten you, you’ll be better able to safeguard yourself from predators.

Sexual extortion or ‘sextortion’ as it is commonly referred to, is when someone blackmails you online, for example via the Internet or mobile messenger applications, by getting you to send an ‘indecent’ image or video of yourself and threatening to share this with other people if you don’t send them further images or videos.

For example, the offender may try to gain your trust to make you feel comfortable to share private photos with them.Never feel pressured into doing anything that you don’t want to do.It is important that you don’t respond to any further requests or threats.Extreme time pressures will often be placed on you to produce more nude images or videos.You should never respond to these threats or share more photos.Once you post/share images online, you lose control of the image and it no longer becomes private.

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