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Inner passivity is a plague of the mind that chronically steals your personal power. Because these states are so ingrained and familiar, we can develop and an affinity for them, even though we hate these feelings consciously.Self-sabotage claims your emotional life when you somehow cannot help but make choices that lead to more of the same problems that make you miserable.Learn more about how self-sabotage works and what to do about it by If you need to figure out how successful relationships work at every phase, then check out this course. We all have blind spots and fears that get in the way of progress. Process: An End to Self-Sabotage and discover the lost keys to personal transformation and emotional well-being that have been suppressed by mainstream mental health for decades. video has been called the missing link in mental health and personal development.

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Which communication skills are vital to success in relationships?

How do you manage the inevitable conflict along the way? How do you deal with someone who doesn't want to make the effort? These crucial questions are thoroughly addressed in the new Dating, Relating and Mating course offered by Jake and Hannah Eagle.

In the research, 37 married couples were given vacuum blisters on the arm and then asked to engage in mutual conversation for 30 minutes.

Each couple was videotaped so researchers could grade them on their communication skills.

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