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Producers had allegedly assured Nizewitz that her genitals would be fully blurred during the episode.( typically shows bare buttocks, but breasts and genitals are heavily blurred.) “I have no problem going to a beach in a bikini or people seeing me on TV in a bikini,” Nizewitz said in a statement released to by her attorney, Matthew J. “Although I went on this show knowing that I would be nude while taping it I was told that my private parts would be blurred for TV.

At Courant, we try to maintain relatively up-to-date versions of a wide variety of software, each with as much documentation as possible.

Because of the differing demands of the various packages, it is sometimes difficult to determine what software is installed, where it is located, and what documentation (if any) is available for it.

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Leave messages and photo’s, share stories and upload video footage to mark that special occasion in a unique way.

"À contre-courant" (English: "against the current") was released on 7 October 2003. It featured the single version of the song as well as the English version of "J'ai pas vingt ans", "I'm Not Twenty".

Maxi CD of the single, released on 12 November 2003, included 3 remixes and the radio edit of the single.

Here is a quote from Courant on his mathematical perspective: Empirical evidence can never establish mathematical existence--nor can the mathematician's demand for existence be dismissed by the physicist as useless rigor.

Only a mathematical existence proof can ensure that the mathematical description of a physical phenomenon is meaningful.

He did not lose his position due to being Jewish, as his previous service as a front-line soldier exempted him; however, his public membership in the social-democratic left was reason enough (for the Nazis) for dismissal.

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