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Section 2 is on Personal Characteristics, about 50 plus statements ranging from, I enjoy work for work's sake, I like to play pranks on others and My mind does much better with facts and figures than with concepts.

Take a look at the sample of this section, See a sample of section 2 Section 5 is on Personal Beliefs, e Harmony is not just for christian singles anymore.

He discovered that over 70 per cent of the couples indicated that they were in pretty deep trouble when they first get married.

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According to him, "Half the people who get married in America are ending up divorced, and of those who stay together, half say they are not happy,".

To find out why marriages failed, he conducted over 500 "divorce autopsies", interviewing the former spouses, their children and even their parents.

The clinical pscychologist in him decided to administer a series of standard tests to 800 married couple to assess their compatibility.

After a rigorous statistical analysis, he ended up with some interesting findings.

Canadians should enter their postal code in the system with a space between the first 3 characters and the last 3 three characters. See a sample of Section 14 What to expect next after taking the personality profile? With the same log-in details that was provided for your profile test, you will be prompted if there is a match, and in that same page, you can place your Match into the following 4 categories... It's a great way find out your match's interests, and will aid in your selection of questions to ask in Stage Two.

At Stage Two, you get to choose five easy-to-answer, but informative questions to ask your match.

In this section you tell the system you are a Christian and that you would like to meet another christian.

See a sample of Section 5 Section 8: Living Skills is the place where you are to rate your approximate level of skill in areas such as achieving personal goals, resolving conflict, car maintenance and repair etc.

See a sample of Section 8Section 11: Most and Least Like You is the hardest set of question to answer by far. With a choice of Most and Least like you, you really have to take it really slow over here.

But be mindful of timeout, as your answers would not be saved and you would need to redo the section again.

Basically almost anyone can go into their matching system, and the only barrier I know is the 486 questions (29 categories - 14 sections) one has to fill up before they can be matched.


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