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If you’re in the market for a new handset, here’s why you should consider the One Plus 5 over the S8.

While the One Plus 5 isn’t the most eye-catching smartphone on the market, it strikes the right balance between aesthetics and practicality.

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However, the S8’s stamina – powered by a 3,000m Ah battery – is definitely one of its weakest features.

Not only is the One Plus’ battery bigger than the S8’s, it also has a less demanding screen to power. Dash Charge is also astonishingly quick, so you’ll be able to recharge it in no time at all.

The Pixel and i Phone 7, both of which came out last year and are set to be replaced by new flagships in the coming months, both currently cost £599.

The S8 looks nicer and has a sharper screen, and the Pixel has a better camera, but beyond that, the One Plus 5 more than holds its own.

The best of these is Reading Mode, which sucks the colour from the screen and filters out blue light, replicating an e-reader.

Expanded Screenshots lets you easily screenshot a full-length page, Gaming Do Not Disturb Mode lets you game without being interrupted by notifications and Secure Box lets you store private documents, pictures and videos in a password-protected folder.

Samsung made a shocking error with the placement and design of the S8’s fingerprint scanner and, while it may sound like a small issue, it had a significant negative impact on the overall user experience.

The One Plus might be a little less flashy, but its fingerprint scanner is large, easy to access and reliable – everything the S8’s isn’t.

It officially goes on sale on 27 June and is being stocked exclusively by O2 in the UK.

At Qiming, we are very selective about who we work with.

The black model, which comes with 128GB of storage and a whopping 8GB of RAM, costs £499, while the grey model, with 64GB of storage and 6GB of RAM, costs £449.

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