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Vulnerability means being thin-skinned, sensibility, but also sensitivity.

We all go through stable and less stable phases in our lives.

There are times when everything is fine and times when lots of things happen.

Many symptoms that arise in an acute psychosis can already have been present previously in a weaker form. Only in retrospect do many people realise that unusual behaviours were present long before the onset of a psychosis.

However, these were misunderstood and attributed, for example, to growing up, to drug abuse or to personal characteristics.

Then the psychiatrist or psychotherapist will ask you detailed questions about various areas of life and signs of illness.

This will help them to better understand your situation and to get to know you and your family better.If signs of another mental health problem are present, you will be referred on to the responsible institution.If you currently find yourself in a severe crisis, you will get immediate support.For instance, in psychosis, the thoughts, feelings and perception about one's own body and contact with other people can be changed.Sufferers often have difficulty distinguishing between reality and their own, subjective perception.Often, several conversations are necessary, which depending on your wishes, can then take place with you alone or with your family.

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