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“I don’t think of myself as statically a girl.”Stenberg was already known for playing Rue in 2012’s when, two years ago, a video she made for a high school class went viral online.

“Maybe we all are feminists, but it gives white women especially the idea that if feminism looks accessible in media, then it’s all good and we’re all in the right.” The movement’s godmother, Gloria Steinem, stresses the incisiveness of Stenberg’s point of view: “Amandla is brave and effective in pointing out the presence of racism within white culture,” she says, “and also in naming the invisibility of black women.”Having stoked a dialogue, however, Stenberg is ready to move on, or rather to channel her activism into her acting. In Asante’s , she plays a young, mixed-race German woman who falls in love with a member of the Hitler Youth (hence the punitive shaved head).

“I think we’re at a very interesting and pivotal point in Hollywood,” she says.

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“I don’t think gender even exists.” It’s a sunny day in Los Angeles, and the eighteen-year-old actor Amandla Stenberg is sitting under a flowering tree in the backyard of her rented bungalow in West L.

Inside, a mattress sits on the floor amid mounds of crumpled clothing, a thrift-store couch, and a large pink stuffed bear that Tripp gave Stenberg for her birthday.

They share an obsession with photography and little use for the category of gender.

She graduated from high school last June and was admitted to NYU film school.


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