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They were previously dating for 4 months from March 2014.

The couple doesn’t have any children from this relationship.

They have been together for more than a year and no news regarding their divorce or any extramarital affairs can be found. He has not shared his personal information regarding his past love-life to the public and he seldom speaks about this subject.

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Jim married the American actress Ciera Parrack on 19th October 2008.

Are The Hunger Games Leven Rambin and Alexander Ludwig dating IRL?

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The marriage was going great until they decided to separate.

Their 4 years’ marriage relationship came to an end in September 2013. Rambin, who was previously engaged to producer Geoffrey James Clark, began dating Parrack in the spring of 2014, shortly after he divorced his first wife, Ciera.In August of 2014 the couple became engaged, and they tied the knot on Oct. MUST SEE: Susan Lucci Reveals the One Piece of Her Daytime Legacy She Couldn’t Part With!Texas born Jim, whose True Blood character was heartbroken after discovering screen girlfriend Jessica had slept with his best pal, has since embarked on a new relationship with fellow Texan Leven Rambin.The 24-year-old actress has peppered her Who Say, Twitter and Instagram account with intimate snaps of Parrack, including one in which they share a tender moment with the accompanying tweet: Leven – whose film and TV credits include Grey’s Anatomy, All My Children, The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, was previously engaged to producer Geoffrey James Clark for two years after he proposed while they were holidaying in the Bahamas.Leven didn't hold back when it came to dishing about her hot co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. LR: We'd paint on T-shirts or make up songs and record them on the computer, or we'd prank call Alexander Ludwig and try to get Jake T. We'd eat vegan cookies and cakes because Isabelle [Furhman]'s mom is vegan and we'd watch Hilary Duff movies.17: How would you typecast everyone?


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