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Maybe Tay is revealing that she was too scared to approach Joe before they started dating?

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Pesch works hard to maintain her 112 pound frame – spending up to half an hour on her exercise bike each morning.

She had to turn to surgery to get rid of some of the real indicators of age and in the 80s – after she had had her three children – she had a boob job.

With an '80s-inspired beat and a cameo of a baby saying "Gorgeous" at the beginning, Taylor sings about liking someone so much, she actually hates them.

With their gorgeous face and "ocean-blue eyes," Taylor can't bring herself to talk to him and instead makes fun of him and ignores him because she can't stand how beautiful he is.

"People are gob smacked when I tell them I'm 73 – they think I'm joking," said Pesch, a retired secretary.

"Part of it is the way I look, but it's down to my mind-set as well – I just don't feel old.

Having lived through tragedy, Pesch feels she has reached an age where she should be free to enjoy life.

Her husband passed away from lung disease three years ago and 10 years ago one of her sons died.

She has since had a face lift and neck lift to remove some of her most obvious wrinkles.

Pesch has more than 50 pairs of heels – worth almost £3,000 (,974) – and a massive collection of figure-hugging dresses.

“My dad’s always taught me how to do stuff on my own,” he tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s issue.


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