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- Online real-time-statistics panels - Flexible solutions: add offers, change prices, create new financial products.

Nvia has developed its own multi-game virtual currency for gamers By providing in-game currency and gamification tools, game developers can monetize non-paying users. Would you like to create a virtual community with your users?

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Optimising and simplifying online payments, Nvia offers a unified payment solution that comprises 350 payment methods for 90 countries, localized into 15 languages - Localized into 15 languages. - Easy integration: 2 http requests and the system will be up and running!

We know your users payment habits: SMS, Voice, prepaid cards, bank transfers… Using the site's logo and corporate colours to enhance user trust.

Banks configure which services will be available in each platform Operational and/or image modifications are applied uniformly Unified look & feel, making user's experience much easier and more pleasant All requests are managed from the NVIA Kernel, uniting all services in a single tool.

Nvia's systems benefit from an abstraction layer capable of integrating data from any resource platform: web, app, ATM, USSD, WAP...

Our Ad Server is a solution that stores and delivers the right ads to the right sites in order to reach the right audience.

It's a white-labelled Ad Server and stats panel solution for networks, agencies or media buyers for online or mobile businesses · Monetizes publisher's website: increases conversion rates by placing and rotating the most suitable ads.

White-brand browser and app games that are adaptable to any company, brand or product multilingual ( 10 languages), multiplatform, multiplayer OS: available for browser, i OS, android, windows mobile and smart TV Game portal with html5 self developed games.

More than 10.000 unique users per month Over 21 minutes per visit on our site.

constantly updated RSS feeds Nvia's telecom solutions allow banks to centralize and enhance their mobile banking services. Simple, robust, global and modular, they can be implemented in the following areas: WEB, ATM, APP, USSD, WAP, SMS, VOICE, ADSERVER.

Our clients choose the solution/s that suit them best; and, of course, with a complete customization of visual identity A single company and tool that enhance the banking service, making it more robust and safe Users can access their banking services from any platform.

- Call to action: newsletters and landing pages are carefully designed to achieve desired user interaction and boost conversions. Set up your campaigns, program the send-outs and track the results in real time with you2mail's online platform. Nvia provides telecom technologies such as SMS, MMS, Voice, UMTS, WAP, LBS Direct connections in 35 countries and with 150 carriers We operate in a global market of 1,000 million mobile subscribers Special coverage of Europe and Latam 24/7 support granted All our tools offer a secure and easy integration Premium SMS Bulk SMS Solutions Contests SMS & IVR Voting Interactive TV P2P Chat Leisure Chats Retail Reservation Campaigns Nvia is a global mobile messaging specialist and mobile solutions provider.


  1. Do đó, các tên gọi sau này với gà HW được đổi lại là gà VCN-G15 và giống gà VCN-G15 lai với gà Ai Cập được đặt tên là AVGA.

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