Dating vs living together

Seligson: You can see the impact of the recession from two angles.People are moving in together to save money and putting off having a wedding because it's so expensive.CNN: Why are people having these lengthy monogamous relationships that don't result in marriage?

Because it turns out living with your boyfriend is a lot harder than I anticipated.

Even after pooling our money together, Jordan and I could only afford to rent one room for the two of us: a living room in an already fully-occupied flat.

Seligson: My baseline is one year in a monogamous relationship.

Do you see this as someone you are making big sacrifices and life decisions around?

Also, part of it is complacency, and couples aren't always on the same page.

Someone is dating, and they are thinking this is a past agreement -- that we are going to get married because we've been together for X years. A man's decision to get married is often correlated to income.People want to be fully formed before they get married.You're also seeing a social acceptability around cohabitation and delaying marriage.Whatever, we’re in our twenties; that’s how it goes.I prepared myself for us to “get sick of each other,” but I didn’t really know what that meant.The situation was unique: Jordan was staying in London for five months to study law and, since I’d just finished grad school and was itching for adventure, he invited me to come along.


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