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settings do not affect your ability to use modem DSI messages to pass through.

For example, SAR proxy may implement a custom design for SAR control and mapping using the existing API (the WWAN service API and/or the corresponding Win RT APIs).

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NASAR Has Begun Auditing Ground SAR Education And Certification Programs Against Seven (7) Third Party Standard Bodies.

NASAR utilizes seven (7) different standards/guidance organizations for the foundation of developing its ground SAR education and certification programs and products.

For the settings, the value in modem DSI messages will take precedence.

If a modem DSI message passes through the WWAN service, the values of these two settings will be saved and will be used next time they are needed, regardless what values the registry settings for those are.

We will be identifying any shortcomings and building a corrective action plan to update our materials and programs.

The magnitude of this effort is really exposed with the ST II certification program.

He assists banks and credit unions nationwide in establishing regulatory compliance programs, conducting compliance testing, training staff on regulations, and performing website compliance assessments.

In addition, John is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and state associations.

Fin CEN is updating and revising over a dozen fields on the electronic SAR form.


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