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As she worked it in his skin, she shifted her hips against his shaft a few times. She then began to tweak his nipples through her fingers."They need some lotion too", she said, with a grin.Rob had a tight stomach from military training she was admiring.

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Her neighbor, Rob, was out mowing his grass in a pair of shorts. He was an paramedic: twenty four hours on and forty eight hours off.

He was twenty-two, single, and fresh out of the Navy after his second tour in Afghanistan.

His body and her's shook slightly in nervous anticipation. Her tongue met his in a tabernacle between heaven and earth. His cock rubbing against her sex and her breasts against his chest.

Just the sight of this beautiful teasing cougar neightbor was enough to make Rob want to explode.

She opted instead to go buy a bottle of wine to drown her sorrows. She started crying uncontrollably over the steering wheel and slammed it with her fist.

Getting in her Tahoe, she tried to start the engine. Still angry, she got out of the car, walked around it and started kicking the tires in an emotional rage.

Norma spoke of responding to shot patients coming by ambulance and helicoptor to the ER. Some gang members, some bystanders, and some children. As their conversation became deeper, Rob told Norma how his high school sweetheart had divorced him while he was overseas.

Norma shared how miserable her life was with her husband.

He had been a medic in a Marine Corps squad Rob caught a glimpse of Norma crying and running around her Tahoe in frustration. "Norma, is there anything I can do to help", he asked.

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