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Select the earlier created repo from the list and click “Update repositories”: At this point, the setup is complete but the child channel needs to sync it’s packages with the repository.This can be done with the GUI by navigating to: Channels (top menu) - Sync Now.Spacewalk is the upstream-project for Redhat Satellite.

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The easiest path from here is to first add all normal repositories which you plan to use to the list of repositories in Spacewalk.

You can do this by navigating to: Channels (top menu) - Create Repository As an example, I’ll add the Postgre SQL Yum repository for version 9.4.

The child-channels in test are synced on a daily basis with the real repositories and from time to time, we do a staging from the newer packages in the test-channels to the prod-channels.

This way, there is a fixed, stable, point to which the systems get updated and baselined.

To add a base channel, navigate to: Channels (top menu) - Create Channel Fill in the basic fields and click on “Create Channel” After creating the base channel, we need to generate a key for it in order to be able to register clients (systems) to this base channel.

To do so, navigate to: Systems (top menu) - Create key Leave the key field blank to generate a key and select the base channel which you just created from the dropdown-list: Click on “Create Activation Key” to generate and create the key.

Make sure that there is enough space in the filesystem containing /var/satellite to contain all the packages in the repo.

More interesting is to run the synchronization from the CLI and add create a script to sync with the source repository on a daily basis.

Choose a name for the repository, add the URL and click on “Create Repository”: In a standard setup you would start with creating repositories for you base OS and update repositories.

Now, for every repository you added, create a child channel related to the base architecture you specified in you base channels.

A good practice is to not add any packages directly to the base channel but to add those only to specific child-channels.


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