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The DAAA collective works with the community in many ways(I. feeding homeless) and just because they do so in unothadox ways you (whoever) keep deleting Modesto anarchists from the links.

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In it, Drake references Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 song “For Free?

[Outro: DJ Khaled] Another one They don't want me to have another anthem So I made sure I got another anthem It's We The Best OVO Summers ours It always has been Don't ever play yourself One time for Future the Prince One time for 40 One time for Drake Another one Bless up “For Free” is DJ Khaled and Drake’s summer ode to good sex.

Is it really necessary to mention the rapper Wig on this page?

If he's a famous rapper, yes, but I don't think a local rapper (as I presume he is from the description) qualifies for a mention in this Wiki article.

And yes, as I recall, the Modesto Anarchists are a major player in Modesto, please leave them on with information related to the very famous rapper, Wig. is represented only by those who bring in, what, six figures?

It should all be about general representation, and those groups are just that.It's fine to have it on, but with the lack of any other non-mainstream groups , along with official site,s gives the wrong idea of what modesto is and isn't.But you (above) make a point of including it, so I'll stop deleting it. We have a city council, police force, etc, that is represented by and large by upper class, white (60% of the population), and wealthy interests, while the city is largely poor (median income of ,000), working class, and of color (despite census bureau figures to the contrary at 26% hispanic & 15% other than hispanic). I love the addition of information on the tallow plant, this is the real modesto highlight. I'm sorry, but you can't convince me that a police force etc.The result will be a highly polished and professional article.I corrected the sections that had major grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and applicability issues. --Henitsirk (talk) , 21 February 2009 (UTC) He has 9 olympic gold medals. Gabor Sas Those are not recognized neighborhoods in Modesto.Recognized neighborhoods are Eastridge, La Loma, Airport, The Village, Del Rio, Wycliffe, Sherwood Forest, Niraghi Lakes, etc.


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