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Animal Boy is the ninth studio album released by the American punk band the Ramones through Sire Records on May 19, 1986.

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Whatever changes we make will go into effect from the date of revision without notice to you.Dee Dee is holding Zippy the Chimp, a baby chimpanzee, and because of this, Du Bose had to refrain from flashing light as he could possibly spooked it, although according to Du Bose, the chimp was already out of control."Zippy was getting wild," Dubose recalled, "he wasn't looking at the camera and was fucking around with the guys.By 1985, there was a considerable amount of conflicts between band members. Part of it came from breaking up with [his then girlfriend] Angela. That's why Joey gotta do his solo album." Consequently, the somewhat recently added drummer Richie Ramone stepped up to the writing process, resulting in the hit song "Somebody Put Something in My Drink," which would be released as a single and also appeared on the band's first compilation album Ramones Mania (1988).Lead singer Joey Ramone went so far as to withdraw from the writing process despite being a vital part of it on previous records. The other part of it was that I had really had it with the band." Bassist Dee Dee Ramone said lead guitarist Johnny Ramone was the reason for much of the stress, supposedly not wanting to do songs Joey would write for multiple reasons. "Joey was always encouraging me to write songs," explained Richie, "but I didn't really need the encouragement." This would be the first time the band used the drummer as a songwriter since original drummer Tommy Ramone, with Joey saying he wanted to make Richie feel like a part of the band, because he felt past drummers were not so much a part of the band nor any good at writing, while calling Richie a "regular Phil Collins." Johnny would later say the album needed a better production quality, commenting that the guitar moments didn't sound like he had performed them.Critically, Animal Boy was not nearly as acclaimed as its predecessor, Too Tough to Die, receiving generally mixed reviews, where it was often pointed out that the band had strayed far from their original style and were exploring several genres by this point.


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