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“Na magazeti ya nyumbani kwa kukuza habari si unajuagaa/Utasikia Tafalani eti Mondi kwa Zari amemwagwa/Navyo nilivyo mnyonge tabia ya kuwajibu sinagaa/Kama naiona michambo ya madem wa zamani nilowapitiaga”“...

And you know how newspapers love to create scandals, you will hear there’s trouble in paradise, Zari dumps Diamond.

Currently, Aunt Ezekiel is in a relationship with one of Diamond’s dancers, Moze Iyobo.

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Nashangaa kwa nini wanawake wanamgombea.” (I dated Diamond for five months and there is no single time he satisfied me.

Among all the men I have ever dated, he is the only one who doesn’t know how to make love to woman.

I wonder why ladies keeping fighting for him.)Diamond dated yet another bongo flava actress, Jacqueline Wolper, for several months before they fell out.

Even after their split however, the two remained close friends.

To date, the two ladies have never seen eye to eye.

After Wema found out Diamond was cheating with her best pal, Jokate, they broke up.

Lundin founded “Old Vostok Nafta” with the business idea of implementing portfolio investments and direct investments in the former Soviet Union.

The investments were initially conducted in the oil, gas and mining industries, but is today focused on Internet and consumer focused sectors in Russia and other markets.

But knowing how weak I am, I won’t respond to them, just like I scorn my ex-girlfriends whenever they try to seduce me nowadays.”In an interview later on, Upendo claimed that her relationship with the musician was the worst she has ever encountered in her entire dating life.


  1. Some years later, he came across that person again and this time he gathered up the courage to ask him out on a movie.

  2. Simply continue to refuse politely and firmly, turn your back and if he still doesn’t stop, simply ignore him.

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