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It lists "Chrissie" (no doubt a reference to the 1977 Magic Hair Crissy doll with her name spelled incorrectly), "Tiffany Taylor" and "Super Barbie." This pattern is 1978, Mc Call's Pattern Company. When one uses the smaller sizes, it will dress Donny and Marie, Farrah, Wonder Women, Ken, Sonny and Cher, Superstar Christy, Ballerina Cara and Tuesday Taylor.All of these dolls were in the 11.5 - 12" size category. Please click on one of the pattern pictures above and below and each will launch into a PDF that you print out!

Notice the box and clothing packaging in 1974, below.

They were a bit different than the common red boxes that we see, which were sold in subsequent production years.

The prototype boxes that were shown in the buyer's catalog are completely different than what was actually sold in the stores in 1974 (above, left). Tiffany was issued in 1974, thus the 1974 date, but issued again in 1975. Outfits were sold in this style of packaging from 1975 onward. More of Tiffany's outfit collection, presented in MIP condition: This is lovely Tiffany as she is found in the 1975 Ideal buyers catalog.

Ideal used photographs of actual human models on this box and carded outfit! Being that the box was different (with no window for Tiff to look through! 1975 Ideal buyers catalog This page of the 1975 Ideal catalog shows the assortment of outfits available.

The above outfit on the far right is the actual packaging when it went to market. Notice how the 1976 box changed, as shown in the 1976 Ideal Buyers Catalog. The flower on this shimmery silver gown (left) is the same flower that Look Around Crissy has on the waistband of her long jewel-toned gown.

The fashion on the right is made from the same red gingham that Velvet's "Checker Check" is made with.

Her clothes can also be found packaged in two different types of packaging.

Was and is Tiffany considered part of the Crissy family of dolls? Just like another Ideal girl who "did something," Harmony, she is taller, does something completely different than Crissy and her family, and was never marketed with any Crissy family dolls.

The important thing is that a debate isn't necessary, but you should however enjoy your dolls and let them cause wonder in your life! New collectors are sometimes confused about Tiffany's shoes. She was only sold with chartreuse shoes, not white shoes. They fit nicely so sometimes little ones (and collectors today) allowed each doll to share their shoes!

This catalog scan above shoes several color variations.

Pattern Part Two, Click Here This pattern is 1975, Simplicity Pattern Co., Inc.


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