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The coach will train you according to your point of view and expectations. Katherine Zara Moss, a trusted clairvoyant in Sydney, offers genuine psychic readings.A psychic medium & life coach, Katherine Zara Moss conducts uplifting and life-changing spiritual coaching sessions online for those …) mix of wingman, style guru and therapist, depending on the quirks and qualifications of whomever you happened to tap.

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Would they try to hook me up with some secret crush like Will Smith in "Hitch"?

Teach me how to dress, decorate and whip up a to-die-for crab cake a la "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"? Bust my chops for bad dating habits (like, um, keeping a Rolodex full of business cards from men I've never called). I soon found out Seattle's Katherin Scott wasn't the kind of coach who took you out to bars or told you to immediately spring for veneers and a new leather couch.

Yes, I knew well what coaching looked like from the stands.

What I didn't know was what it felt like from the bench.

"When you write down your goals, you accomplish your goals." The problem was, I didn't know exactly what my goals were.

I've never really been one of those sappy soulmate types, convinced there's one and only one person out there to marry and make my life complete (what, was everybody else just batting practice? My life felt pretty complete as is, even though I had to admit it might be nice to find someone to go to the movies and make out with, though not necessarily at the same time.

The phone call came just as I was cleaning out my sock and underwear drawers, one of those weird nesting rituals women go through every year (or three) without fail.

"Hi, Diane," said a lively voice on the other end of the line.

Instead, she focused on "empowering people to find love and happiness." Her Web site, Making Love, included an impressive roster of coaching credentials and made mention of dream mate lists, meeting emotional needs, and feng shui, an approach that seemed far more woo-woo than wingman.


  1. The show was canceled at the end of the season, going out on an awesome (and heart-breaking, but maddeningly inconclusive) two-part finale.

  2. Since I had not done such a great job of choosing relationships on my own, I decided to let God choose the next one.

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  4. The whole ordeal just adds insult to injury, as dating someone new is uncomfortable enough under normal circumstances. You’re only barely acquainted with this individual, so how the hell are you to know what they would even like? Pick a non-romantic genre, like comedy, action or hardcore porn (yes, that last one was a joke – can we get a sarcasm font up in here? A few weeks before, feel it out with a casual “So, what’s on your Christmas list? And it should be a thought that lasted more than three seconds, because ladies want to know that you’ve put a modicum of effort into selecting something just for her that you felt she would appreciate. Of course, since she is still not your “official” girlfriend, you don’t want to go hell bent bonkers either. If she’s into clean living, organic stuff is a good bet.

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