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Photo Credit: Google Now The goal of Material Design is to create clean, modernistic design that focus on UX.While Google’s design aesthetic has detractors, it’s been mostly praised as a game-changer.

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However, you can’t just stick animation in anywhere.

Consider carefully whether it adds to your site’s story elements and personality.

Photo credit: Dunckelfeld Microinteractions happen all around us, from turning off the alarm on your mobile phone to liking that cat picture on Facebook. It’s likely that you started your day with a micro-interaction.

By turning off the alarm on your mobile phone, you engaged with a user interface in a single moment.

And more and more of these are baked into the apps and devices we use.

Photo credit: Slack Micro-interactions tend to do, or help you do, several different things: Micro-interactions are a vital part of any app.

Photo credit: Squarespace A simple animated background can add visibility to a site, but should be used in moderation or it can be very distracting to the user.

The key is to work on individual sections or create a gentle movement of an entire image.

And some folks, such as Matthew Monbre, have copped to being guilty of following everyone else’s look with his company’s site.


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