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Along the way he met a beautiful, freaky Black woman named Danika Jackson, and they fell in love and got hitched.For Jay Fulton, married life would prove absolutely hectic, but for all the right reasons...

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"Give me that ass," Jay said, gripping Rana's wide hips tightly as he rammed his dick into her pussy.

Rana squealed as Jay fucked with gusto, slamming his hard dick into her vaginal walls.

Rana moaned and pinched her nipples as Jay slid his tongue deep into her asshole while fingering her wet, hairy pussy.

After giving Rana's delicious asshole a tongue bath, Jay rubbed his big dick against her bum and showed her what southern loving was all about...

Jay Fulton sat on the couch opposite Danika and Wilford and watched the hot interracial action unfold.

Danika and Jay had long discussed the whole reverse interracial cuckold thing, and decided to try it out, with help from their good friend Wilford.

He met lots of lovely, big-booty young Black women who were exploring their sexuality and would bring them back to his apartment for some fun after picking them up at the club. "You're one freaky brother," said one of Jay's first serious girlfriends, a curvy, dreadlocked, big-bottomed Jamaican cutie named Rana Jefferson.

He met her during his freshman year, while walking around the Clark-Atlanta University library, and had to holler.

"Go for it, fuck her mouth," Jay said, and Danika shot him a look of disapproval as she continued sucking Wilford's cock.

Watching Wilford's big White cock sliding in and out of Danika's mouth was almost hypnotic to Jay, and he found himself incredibly turned on.

He was really turned on by what he was watching, but tonight, his big Black dick was ensnared by the chastity device that he was wearing.


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