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Sheesh, Bluetack lists (and BLM) aren't just used for P2P apps you know, they are used to update a number of programs.

Oops I meant the lists, just installed it and it blocked itself from updating properly, still the same junk.

If they did, there would be no need for lists like spyware, ad's, proxies, hijacked, dshield etc., they'd only need Level 1, 2 & 3 lists. OK, here's a couple of other things to consider: Firstly, you're comparing apples and oranges.

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Edit: typo In the case of PG2 its the program that is faulty not the lists. Look how many threads have been started that state that it has problems.

BLM has had one and that was because Blutack was changing over to the new servers. action=threads_search&f=87&q=pg2 – of course didn't block whirlpool – it's for P2P apps which have nothing to do with browsing whirlpool.

They seem to follow the open source development model with the buglist and being more open about their intentions. It isn't only used for P2P and that's why your posts trying to convince people BLM is a valid substitute for PG2 fail.

Not all of us use blocklists solely for P2P purposes. Trying to convince people PG2 is crap for the sake of it, is just major FAIL.

(They're still adding features, so I'm gonna consider them "alpha quality"...ie: Expect bugs up the wazoo.) Suffice to say, PG2 is an example of how NOT to run a potential open source software project.

Its really one guy doing all the development work in a closed source manner, isn't it?

For the more paranoid then you can also add the iblock lists which includes even more IPs.

uk/config/level2.zip, Level 2 Corp,0, Level 2 Corporate Ranges PG, Microsoft Related,0, Microsoft Associated Addresses List PG, Proxy List,0, Tor and Miscellaneous Proxies PG, Level 3 Extra,0, Level 3 Extra These are the lists that BLM updates from, far superior to that pissant list that PG2 uses, plenty of posters in the past have reported PG2 missing some bad IPs which a or PG2 updated via BLM picked up. "Changed update-checking to use new Peer Block update-server." You can also see that they have not yet implemented the online update part for the application itself.

You have to have those programs for BLM to work its magic. that would be nice if it actually BLOCKED anything which it apparently doesnt..work, guys..

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