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In other words, love your inner child, but don’t give him or her the keys to the car. More people divorce over money than anything else, so we must be able to talk openly about our financial goals and habits.One partner should not believe in monogamy while the other hopes to entertain side flings.

Even when your internet-arranged outing seems memorable as can be - for better or worse - you sometimes lose a detail or two.

With the help of this guided journal from Chronicle Books, you can pen a small autobio, followed by what you're looking for, and how you'd like to challenge yourself in the quest for companionship.

But we can take steps to actively cultivate patience in ourselves, and seek out this quality in a partner. Many people tend to have an “all or nothing” mentality: they either want a relationship to be exciting all the time or else not at all.

We should also work to practice tolerance for the unimportant things (we absolutely shouldn’t tolerate neglect and abuse—get out if those begin to appear! Conversely, others end up living with unbearable pain instead of moving on (see number 5).

The majority of our happiness should come from a healthy relationship with ourselves.

We should also have friendships and family relationships that bring us happiness. The key is finding the balance here: we can’t depend on our relationship for too much happiness and we should not settle for too little.

It means sometimes putting our partner ahead of others things we want to do—and appreciating it when our partner does the same for us. This means staying when things are going well (and you feel like running), and being willing to let go of the relationship if it is unhealthy.

It means remembering things like birthdays and anniversaries. This is going to take some effort if you have a history of ambivalence.

In other words, dating with purpose is like interviewing someone for the most important role in his or her life as your partner. It takes effort, patience, self-discipline, and the wisdom of others who have gone through this process themselves and been successful. Our greatest contentment comes from loving someone that we can also trust. Added bonus: our own self-esteem will attract a better quality partner. It means reporting your real feelings and saying what you mean, instead of beating around the bush. If one likes to experiment and the other partner doesn’t, someone will end up feeling rejected. There should be a recognition of the fact that there are four people in the relationship: two adults and two children—one inner child per adult.

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