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If the climb gets too much, donkeys are on hand to give you that well-needed ride.Visit Petra at night for candlelit tours, held on Mondays and Thursdays (12 JD) but being there at dusk is just as magical in this heritage site, half as old as time.

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Wadi Rum is our favourite place on Earth and is one of Jordans’ most iconic destinations.

Amman is the capital and you can walk around the sites in less than a day or if you’re willing to part with 18 JD, pay a driver to take you as it’s a fair walk to the beautifully decorated Turkish Mosque.

This area should definitely be on your itinerary and even the route past volcanic stones is worth seeing.

But you don’t have to go all the way to Umm Qais to see Israel, there’s a viewpoint at Pella, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities, good for a pit stop.

Don’t forget to try Knafeh, a traditional sweet made of cheese and sugary syrup and the cardamon coffee.

If holy sites are more your thing, Jordan is bursting with them.

King Abudullah Mosque known as the Blue Mosque is a different story.

You can hire an abaya (black robe) to enter the mosque and gaze at its blue design.

Further north is the ancient town of Umm Qais, 378 metres above sea level which used to serve as a key trading route from Syria to Palestine and although the route takes you near the Syrian border (30 minutes away), Umm Qais is the perfect viewpoint to see the surrounding borders; the Sea of Galilee in Israel, Syria and Lebanon.

The old Decapolis city is made out of black basalt and is the only place that has a black and white amphitheatre and church.

But if you only have time to see one castle, Karak is the one to see and is an impressive insight into the ancient Crusader days.


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