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He was also excited because of the way he was treated in Vienna.Blacks were very rare in that part of Europe and Percy was treated with admiration by those around him.Despite his high credentials, Julian found himself treated no differently than other Blacks in Cambridge.

Percy Julian should be a name known to all of society for the contributions he made to the field of science.

His research and development of synthetic compounds made him one of the most significant contributors to science and health care in the 20th century.

He worked with Josef Pikl, his friend and collaborator when they were students in Vienna.

They authored several papers, distinguishing Julian as the first Black chemist to be the senior author of a publication.

This was quite burdensome to him as he realized that his white classmates were far superior to him in their academic readiness.

Furthermore, he was forced to live and eat off-campus, in subpar conditions compared to his classmates.Percy Julian was born on April 11, 1899 in Birmingham, Alabama, one of six children.His father, a railroad mail clerk, and his mother, a school teacher stressed education to their children.He attended plays and operas, enjoyed fine restaurants and the nightlife and he dated several women, some of whom were white.He wrote to some of his colleagues back at Howard, regaling them with stories of his travels and exciting lifestyle.Upon graduation in 1916, Julian applied to and was accepted into De Pauw University in Greencastle, Indiana.


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