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Although this sounds difficult, there are not that many roads near the Angel Pine area which actually makes it easier to complete.

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Freight Train missions bonus Successfully complete level 2 of the Freight Train missions to get $50,000 and free train rides.

Fire truck missions bonus Steal a fire truck and start the fire truck missions.

Successfully complete level 12 of the fire truck missions to make CJ fireproof.

Easily complete fire truck missions Bring a fire truck from another location into Angel Pine, then start the mission.

Two player mode in Tierra Robada Start at your safe house in El Quebrados.

Get on the street and follow it a short distance south until it turns left around the corner of a building.

Note: If both enter a car, the passenger will have free aim with a machine gun.

Do not try to kill Denise, because you will never be able to date her again or play in two player mode at her house.

There is a blackish-brown building on the south side of the road with a large balcony going all the way around it.

Follow the balcony half way around and you will find a two player mode icon.

Unlike those from the dating missions, this two player location will never go away.

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