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A portion of the online services offered through the Wii console were discontinued on 28th June 2013.

Certain online software functionality that utilises Wii Connect24 – for instance, message/data exchange – will no longer be available for this Channel.

Smash Tour is a board game mode in which players (as Miis) travel around a board by spinning a wheel, collecting fighters and power-ups for their fighters scattered around the board. If two players cross paths, then all players are pitted into a Smash battle for a reward, and the winner obtains a fighter from one of the other players.

Players may also obtain items that can be used to trigger various effects, and random events may also occur on the board.

The pace of battles has also been stated to be in between Super Smash Bros. The movesets and animations of some returning characters were changed more significantly than during the transition from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with many returning characters having completely new moves, and major alterations (such as Pit).

Aesthetically, the games are much more stylized and visually intense than previous entries, with the overall colors being bolder and brighter and many elements having been redone to stand out more.

Special Smash also returns in this version, allowing players to battle under certain conditions.

Players can send customized fighters from one version to the other.

is known for, up to eight players can join a single battle.

An option of four teams is allowed, with the yellow team serving as a new team color choice.

A new game mode known as 8-Player Smash is also available.


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