Sermon on teen dating

And that is the conclusion that is reached through these opening chapters. Wisdom is seen as a beautiful woman, calling those who follow her to come away into the place of victory and achievement and success in life, while folly, or foolishness, which thinks everything it does is right in its own eyes, is personified as an evil woman -- attractive, alluring, tempting us to step aside into death. Mouser: Two mistakes Christians make in interpreting proverbs: 1) Some Christians read the proverbs as if they were inflexible laws of God's creation, admitting no exceptions and 2) Christians will sometimes confuse proverbs with promises…

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Through it all, Galarraga remained calm, expressed sympathy for the umpire, and never criticized him.

Armando’s refusal to retaliate amazed fans, players, and sportswriters alike.

How others handle justice May not be up to me; But when I react to others, I must show integrity.

—Branon Life is not fair, but God is always faithful.

Fathers, uncles, brothers, and friends were animated in lively discussion.

The father of the bride and the father of the groom were asked to share their advice on what they had learned in their own Christian marriage.

Stedman: Life is simply too big for us to handle by ourselves.

No matter how good the advice seems to be, if it isn't consistent with what God has told us, it is not to be trusted.

Proverbs calls us “to perceive the words of understanding, to receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, judgment, and equity” (1:2-3).


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