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She rubs her cunt while he’s banging her, grabbing a dirty thong and stuffing her mouth with it, biting and pulling on it while getting fucked so good.

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He pumps and pumps, faster and faster, harder and harder until she cant keep quiet.

She begins to scream and he shoves a panties in her mouth.

She knows that cleaning up all that mess is going to take her forever.

She starts picking up the dirty clothes and panties on top of her bed and is surprised when she sees a throbbing erection popping out from under her dirty garments!

Her intense moaning can be heard throught the house and they don’t know her mom is home.

He grabs her ass harder, and pushes hard further into her and she reaches another loud and explosive orgasm. He’s ready to blow his creamy load all over her slutty face, her open mouth and her smoking hot body!Def new to the industy she was nervous and unsure to have been at it more a month.This sexy brunette teen is listening to her favorite jams on her headset when her mom sends her to clean her room, what a bummer!As it turns out, her horny next-door neighbor sneaked in thinking she was not around to sniff her panties, what a fucking perv!She finds it kind of weird but kinky at the same time that he was smelling her undergarments and she is quite turned on by his still throbbing erection, she is more shocked and impressed by his huge cock, so she takes it in her hands and starts sucking and stroking it, since her mom left I shouldn’t be back for some hours.Later that day, I was practically running back home as all I could think about was what had happened in Duke's car earlier on.


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