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made possible through the generous support of English Heritage and the dedicated work of volunteers.

The goal is open to up swathes of the museums manuscript archive, making it publicly accessible on the Wedgwood museum’s website.

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A wide range of maps, artists sketches and painting from across the 18th and 19th centuries give an insight into the layout of the factory as it evolved and changed.

Only one small section (the round house) of the once famous Etruria Factory still stands on the original site in Stoke-on-Trent.

Super little urn dating from around 1960's, in super condition with no chips or cracks.

The urn measures 13.5cm base to rim with a top diameter of 10cm.

Following in the footsteps of the Barlaston Factory Archive project, the Wedgwood Museum has chosen to tell the story of the Wedgwood Company's famous Etruria Factory.

The new Etruria Factory Archive section will explore the conception and initial evolution of Josiah I's Etruria Factory.

The pot is the exact size of the original, measuring 6" from base to tip of lid, 9 1/2" from spout to handle, 5" wide, and both the top and base are 3" in diameter.

Wedgwood made several pieces in the cauliflower line.

The museum's manuscript archive consists of four major collections, the oldest being the 'Etruria Collection' which consists of a large number of Josiah I's personal correspondence.

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