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I would rate them 0 not 1 they don't even deserve a 1 After my wife left me last year I've been trying to go out again, enjoying life as good as only possible, if you know what I mean. Was not really happy using Black Cupid and Black Planet; don't know why though My update is that the BBB could not settle this issue so I wrote to the DOJ of my home state via their website and waited several months and received nothing but a patronizing email when I specifically wanted answers as to why this withholding of my credit card info cannot be rectified since I am no longer a customer.

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I also stopped bpm from emailing me every time on of these cowards send a flirt or like and they removed me and won't refund me. My expectations were realistic, I was honest about who I was and I never rushed into anything. They say its free to brows right, i did for a minute so i decided to do the 1 month for 16.75.

Afterwards i sstarte afterwards, all of a sudden men start hitting me up but i couldn't respond back. So i called my bank and put a stop on it and now all i say is $#*!

Offer more for this fee and stop making the user have chase every notification.

Visit some of the other dating websites and view their appearance and hey they operate when it comes to paid subscribers/notifications. I NOTICE IT QUICK AND I TRIED TO CANCEL AND THEY KEPT MY MONEY. Also a rip off, I signes up for a "free membership" period which then became a 3 month subscription that my card is still being charged for.

Take it from someone who has experience the evil side of online dating!

Never think you are the ony one may one of 5-10 other women!I joined to meet men, there's a bunch of boys sending flirts and picture likes, no confidence, just cowards. it auto-renewed, which kinda pissed me off (but it does tell you this in the terms)....because it auto-renewed, I was contacted by a man that turned out to be more than I ever prayed for....is now my husband.I made it clear in my profile not to send a bunch of likes and no flirts. But before him, I went out with some great guys, only met 1 looney toon and never experienced weird drama.Some claim to be bankers, loan officers, when they are car salesmen.They are abusive verbally and many have criminal records especially DUI and Domestic Violence.Any reasonable and prudent person, and even the consumer groups recommend that you do not store any credit card info online and you should have the right to have it removed if you are no longer a customer! This website is part of the network so please research the parent company when utilizing dating websites and BUYER BEWARE THEY HOLD YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO HOSTAGE FOR NO SENSIBLE REASON!


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