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The amendment - if passed by the Senate - could irk Pakistan as it opposes any Indian role in neighbouring Afghanistan.

WASHINGTON: A bipartisan group of American senators have sought enhanced cooperation with India in Afghanistan, including increasing New Delhi's role in helping the Afghan security forces, a move that could annoy Pakistan.

Today, the country has just started opening up for foreign visitors and we are pleased to offer a workshop to this alluring land led by award-winning photographer Steve Mc Curry.

Unfortunately, the soldier is expected to make a full recovery. The photo dated September 2011 is from Eastern Afghanistan. You’ll save him from having to commit suicide when guilt for raping innocent children and slaughtering defenceless women and elderly for fun and giggles catching up with him.

India is one of the biggest providers of developmental assistance to war-torn Afghanistan.

The amendment seeks increasing India's role in assisting the Afghan security forces through logistics support, threat analysis, intelligence, materiel, and maintenance support.

Warner is the vice-chair of the powerful Senate select committee on intelligence, while Cornyn is the Senate majority whip for the Republican Party.

They are also the co-chairs of the Senate India Caucus.

The MEA said the three countries agreed to further intensify efforts on issues concerning regional connectivity and Chabahar port development under the trilateral transit and trade agreement at the meeting.


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