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As you can see from the Chart, China has been a huge part of the Global growth story and they are slowing down (because of pollution and debt, which we also predicted) and India is still doing well but it's only a .2Tn economy, 20% of China's size so, unless India is going to pop 5% more – it's not going to make up for China's 1% drop. I'm not trying to be a downer, I'm very long-term bullish on the global economy but that doesn't mean the markets can't get ahead of themselves and, clearly, they are way ahead of themselves now.

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That's what the Trump Tax plan is all about – you HAD to put a Billionaire in charge to do something this terrible to 300M people – and a cruel, heartless one at that!

As you can see, the Income of the Top 1% (3M) is just about to pass total of the Top 2-9% (30M) but those pesky 300M workers still get half of the available income.

What's most amusing to me is the number of people on Social Media who feel that they need to defend the bubble and come up with dozens of reasons why I am wrong and why "" because of Trump's Tax Plan, the Global Recovery, Emerging Markets, Easy Money Policies, the Sharing Economy, Robot Automation…

All good reasons we should be having a rally – but not this INSANE, RIDICULOUS, UNSUSTAINABLE rally and, frankly, the whole time they are talking I just keep thinking "" when I used the same MATH to show that the markets should be much higher than they were.

But what if we replace those annoying workers with robots? Well, not the toady money, but we'll get to them next, right?

For now, we need the toadies to help us not only eliminate the jobs that support those 300M "" but we'll need to get them to like it and we'll need to remove the social safety net before too many people fall into it and it, gasp, costs us money!

If the rings swings in a back and forth motion, it’s a girl.

If the ring moves in a circular motion, paint the room blue.

In order to take the ENTIRE ,000 x 500,000 (Bn) away from their 500,000 bottom 90% employees, Uber and Lyft will buy a fleet of self-driving cars, which won't cost much more than the drivers spend now but now there will be no more drivers and the 500 Top 1% owners of Uber and Lyft will make Bn a year while the 500,000 unemployed drivers will flood back into the labor force and drive wages down for all of us – so a win/win/win for the Top 1%.

That is the end result for all automation projects and I know there is some kind of fantasty world where "" opportunities will spring up to replace, well everything, but this is not going to be a small disruption to the status quo – this is the dawn of the end of labor, which is pretty much all the Bottom 90% are trained to do.

7 years later, the math hasn't changed, the markets have.

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