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Columbus' identity has been shrouded in mystery and debated for some time.

The Italians claimed that Columbus was born in Lugano, Italy to Domenico Colombo, a tower sentinel.

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The real identity of Christopher Columbus sheds new light on the poignancy of this historical period, especially for the Jews.

To gain a better understanding of Columbus’s legacy, it's important to note the historical background of his life.

Simon Wiesenthal suggests in his book, Sails of Hope, that the motive behind Columbus' voyage was to find a safe haven for the Jews.

Similarly, others conclude that Columbus set sail to Asia for the purpose to obtaining enough gold to finance a crusade in an effort to take back Jerusalem and rebuild the Jews' holy Temple. Gerhard Falk, author of a Man’s Ascent to Reason, he brought a Hebrew interpreter with him, with the hope of locating the ten lost tribes.

But according to Charles Garcia of CNN, two conversos, Louis De Santangel and Gabriel Sanchez, along with the prominent Rabbi Isaac Abarbanel, took money out of their own pockets to pay for the voyage.

This historical fact should raise yet another question: Why did these Jews take interest in Columbus' voyage?

Columbus lived during the time of the inquisition during which Anusim, Jews who practiced their faith in secret, were under constant threat of arrest and tortuous death.

Tens of thousands of secret Jews were tortured during the Spanish Inquisition, many dying a martyr’s death.

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