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Most showers include a mix of people from different parts of the new mom's life.It can be tricky for co-workers, childhood friends, and family to mingle together.This free printable game is designed to test your shower guests' word skills, and it's likely to lead to a few hilarious conversations too.

However, at large showers, this part of the festivities can get a little long for some guests.

You can keep everyone involved by playing Baby Shower Gift Bingo.

Your shower guests may think they know a thing or two about babies, but they can really test their knowledge with this tricky trivia quiz.

The baby-themed questions on this printable trivia game are challenging, so you'll want to give guests a couple of minutes to answer.

Consider pairing people up into teams for this game, giving guests a chance to get to know one another.

The gift opening is the main event of any shower, and everyone loves seeing the mom-to-be react to her presents.

19 Reed, Marsh, Sedge and Grasshopper are varieties of which bird?

20 Which New Zealand-born physicist is credited with splitting the atom? 22 SS Archimedes was an appropriately named ship which was the world’s first to use what form of propulsion? 24 What shapes are attached to a line of a weather map to denote a warm front?

With these great games, your shower guests will feel relaxed and happy to be celebrating with the mom-to-be, and you'll be proud to host an entertaining get-together.


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