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During many years, I have gathered large amounts of important facts, documents and rare source material, which have never been published in ordinary (that is, officially sanctioned) history books.With the help of these facts, a completely different picture of major world events emerges.

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The Red and Bloody Nature of Freemasonry 280 The Historical Background of the Grand Orient 281 The Justice of the Freemasons 289 Masonic Corruption 297 The Destruction of Russia 300 Blood-Red Support of the Communists 314 The Masonic Contribution to Soviet Russia 327 Stalin's Struggle against Freemasonry 330 The Secret Masonic Archives 331 The Hidden Influence 337 7.

How the Freemasons Helped Hitler to Power 356 Hitler's Meetings with His Financial Backers 366 Advertising for Hitler 368 Attempts to Investigate Hitler's Secret Income 371 Hitler's Goal 372 Secret Manipulations 378 The American Contribution 394 Close Collaboration between Nazis and Zionists 398 Who was Hitler?

Die nur 9-Wochen alte Lina wurde so schwer misshandelt, dass sie Prellungen am gesamten Körper, gerissene Bänder und einen gebrochenen Oberschenkel davontrug und deshalb kaum noch laufen konnte.

Sie wurde vom Streunerparadies gerettet, tierärztlich versorgt und fand ein wundervolles Zuhause bei Kim-Sina Wegstein.

Seit wenigen Wochen kämpfen wir mit Verlustängsten, aber auch das werden wir sicherlich mit Bravour meistern.

Ich bin überglücklich und stolz auf die kleine Maus, was sie alles gemeistert und wie sie sich bislang entwickelt hat.

This showed the need for a comprehensive book about the dark history, ideology and activities of freemasonry, which would act as a complement to "Under the Sign of the Scorpion".

Thus there was a demand, which led to that this new book about freemasonry was written.

Diese Angst konnten wir ihr in der kurzen Zeit bereits nehmen.


  1. Bucha, who has been able to determine, using samples of baked clay from archeological sites, what the intensity of the earth's magnetic field was at the time in question.

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