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Pictures of his nieces and nephews were even used on the sites as evidence the fictional person was a 'caring father'.

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Wayne stays in the local bed and breakfast, and flirts heavily with some of Walford's other women, including Denise Fox (Diane Parish).

Mick hires Wayne to fix a damp problem in The Queen Victoria pub, but while he is doing the job Nancy discovers he has been showing private pictures of her to other boys in the pub, leading to her humiliating Wayne by showing everyone similar pictures of him. Inside Soap reported that Nancy's parents Mick and Linda hate Wayne, and called him "feckless".

A model who hired a private detective to track down a man who stole his identity 40 times to dupe women on dating sites into relationships and dates.

Matt Peacock is now leading a campaign to make the practice illegal and said the ordeal had a 'devastating' effect on his wife as well as women who 'fell in love' with the fake profiles.

Donna Yates, a new market stallholder and Pam Coker, Les Coker's wife, both arrived on 14 April.

DC Emma Summerhayes was introduced on 21 April, as the Police Family Liaison Officer for the Beales after Lucy Beale is murdered. Kat Moon and Alfie Moon's twins, Bert and Ernie Moon, arrived in August; as did Beth Williams, the daughter of teenagers Cindy Williams and TJ Spraggan.Elaine Peacock appeared from 14 October as Linda Carter's mother and Kush Kazemi first appeared on 20 October.Buster Briggs made his first appearance on 18 November and Sylvie Carter made her first appearance on 11 December.She really took it to heart and understood the seriousness of it.'Mr Peacock has been backed by Stockport MP Ann Coffey, who is set to bring up the issue in Parliament.She is due to speak on the issue during an adjournment debate in the House of Commons today to call for a specific law against stealing another person's identity to lure people into sexual relationships.Dyer said that Nancy is probably planning to marry him just to rebel against Linda.


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