Automatic updating of excel charts in powerpoint slides

All Microsoft Office programs support OLE, unless you are working in compatibility mode (e.g., OLE will not be supported if you are linking to an Excel 2003 chart in a Power Point 2007 presentation).

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You can create links to different slides within your presentation, even if the slides are hidden or would not normally be displayed next in the presentation.

For example, if you have some hidden slides that contain extra material, you can link to those slides and then come back to your original slide.

For example, a linked Excel chart in your presentation will be automatically updated whenever the spreadsheet data is updated in Excel.

In order for an object to be linked, the program used to create the original object must support object linking and embedding (OLE).

Meaningful facts and data are the basis of any successful presentation.

It can, however, easily occur that old figures have snuck into your presentation.

However, when working with the standard Power Point feature, you often find limited possibilities.

By default, charts are not automatically refreshed when the presentation is opened, and unfortunately the automatic update is not 100% reliable, so it quickly happens that changes to the Excel file are missed.

Use the drop down menu in this group to select specific elements of your chart to modify.

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