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Those who follow the teachings of porn are more likely to get a concussion than have an orgasm.Cougars, says Gallop only half in jest, can teach some sexual sense, manners and real world skills to today’s clueless youth and thus serve a useful social function, all while having a rollicking good time.

Her chief insight—and complaint—is that young men nowadays tend to learn about sex from pornography on the Internet.

Consequently, their understanding of what real sex looks like in the real world aspires to zero.

Even those who love to watch car chases in the movies may not want to advocate that young people learn how to drive from the movies or engage in wild car chases around town.

Porn is sexual entertainment, titillation, distraction, or self-medication, but it’s not supposed to be taken literally as an account of how people generally have sex.

Some sociologists speak of the ‘marriage squeeze’—the fact that single, middle-aged women have a shrinking pool of potential conventional partners (ie older, educated men with high incomes) and are thus compelled to seek alternative arrangements.

Others point to increased, rather than decreased, opportunities.In the lives of many young men, porn has taken over the role that parents, schools, and the innocent, halting experience of young romance were supposed to fill: real-life sex prep.Pornography’s vision of sex has usurped real world sex in young people's consciousness and imagination.This has some dire—and/or comical, depending on your temperament—consequences for women.For example: in porn, all women love, desire, cannot wait for the man to come on their faces. According to pornography, no women have pubic hair. In the world of porn, women have orgasms all the time, every time, at a moment’s notice, in all positions. The main and often only contact in porn is between the participants’ genitals.In real life sex you sometimes need to go quietly, so as not to wake up the children.

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