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Turns out they chased the guy to a nearby little league field, where the wacko ran around the bases, slid into home, and was summarily arrested. On our tour, a caddie receives 10% for a win, 7% for a top 10 and 5% for making the cut.

It’s often said that to be a great caddie you have to do three things: show up, keep up and shut up.

In 11 years, I’ve missed my share of time with illness or injury, but Greg has yet to skip a single day.

But things evolve, and six months later Splash and I had a falling out. Natalie Gulbis stands with her caddie Greg Sheridan on the sixth tee box during the second round of the KPMG Women's PGA Championship held at Westchester Country Club on June 12, 2015, in Harrison, New York. Yes, I’ve slowed down his winning rate, but we’re having a wonderful run.

We got into an argument about how to play a par 5 – I’ll admit that I was a hothead early in my career – and I ended up firing him on the spot. We must be in the top five-longest of all caddy-player relationships – this is our 12th year together.

GULBIS: How Golf Can Fix Its Slow-Play Problem How do we make it work? Some players carry a mini-convenience store in their bag, but we only pack what’s necessary for that day. The least I can do for Greg is keep the load to the bare minimum.

He’s incredibly positive, and he’s quick to take ownership of any mistakes. (The years on Tour have mellowed my temper…at least a little) For 11 years I’ve made Greg a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day. That might sound like a good nickname for him, but that’s the number one food on our Tour -- everyone devours them. As research for this column, I weighed my bag and found that it tips the scales at 41 pounds. Greg and I have traveled the world, and today he is like family. Last year my mom got sick and it was a distraction, but he was great.

Gulbis has said that she likes the attention she gets, even if it is for her appearance; she has endorsement deals with Mc Gladrey LLP, Taylor Made/Adidas, Canon, Michelob Ultra, Sky Caddie, Payment Data Systems, Master Card, Winn Golf Grips, Lake Las Vegas Resort, Pure Silk, Lexus, and EA Sports.

In 2006, Gulbis began writing a monthly advice column in FHM.

We’ve laughed about that moment at many dinner parties since then.


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