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Shortly thereafter, Griffin was sent to a Hawaiian rehab for his issues with drugs.

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Reports of the affair came from on-set sources but the rest was all according to Woods, who sued Young for “intentional infliction of emotional distress.” She denied it and the matter was settled out of court, but not before the whole ordeal landed them both on the cover of "People." less1989: James Woods vs. Frank Sinatra O’Connor caused an uproar when she refused to allow the National Anthem to be played before a concert of hers at New Jersey’s Garden State Arts Center, which was the venue’s tradition. With a limp and a bruise, Kerrigan was unable to compete at the Championships the next day, handing Harding the win. “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,” she revealed, while also admitting she’d been unfaithful. Six months after that, Biggie suffered the same fate. At the end of the season, O’Neal was traded and the feud became a slightly healthier inter-team rivalry. Shaquille O’Neal One of the biggest sports feuds of all time wasn’t between rival teams — it was a power struggle between two giants on the Lakers. Allow Carter himself to explain this sordid love triangle: "I started dating Hilary on my 13th birthday.

Sean Young Now known for his bizarre, anti-LGBTQ tweets, James Woods was once embroiled in an even more bizarre battle with his "The Woods" co-star, Sean Young. Sinatra performed at the Center a few days later and told the audience that O’Connor should leave the country, but also that he’d like to meet her, so he could “kick her in the ass.” She responded the next year, saying, “I can’t hit this man back, he’s, like, 78 years of age, and I’d probably kill him.” In 1992, O’Connor would go on to have an even bigger feud with the Pope when she tore a photo of him in half on "Saturday Night Live." less1990: Sinead O’Connor vs. As Kerrigan lay on the ground famously crying, “Why? But Kerrigan had the last laugh, recovering in time for the Olympics and defeating her rival. Tonya Harding These ice princesses were both at the top of their game when Kerrigan was brutally attacked after a practice for the U. It got so much attention that a month later, the Queen wrote the pair a letter telling them to hurry up and divorce already. Princess Diana The People’s Princess and her husband, Prince Charles, had separated way back in 1992, and the dissolution of the royal couple’s marriage was a source of endless ... I was dating her for like a year and a half, and then I just got a little bored, so I went and I started getting to know Lindsay, dating Lindsay." Carter then broke up with Lohan and got back together with Duff. Lohan wasn’t happy about it, as evidenced by her shady "Saturday Night Live" opening monologue featuring Rachel Dratch as Duff.

The photographer betrayed her and "Penthouse" ran them without her consent, forcing her to hand over the crown.

She initially filed a lawsuit against both the photographer and the magazine, but dropped the case to move on with her life.

The Florida resident also found evidence in her high school scrap book which documented their first date, under a section in the scrap book titled “remembrances.”“Wednesday night, 3-4-81. Gibson is one of nine women who have publicly come forward about their questionable relationships with Moore, all of which he has denied.

While Gibson’s relationship appeared to be consensual at the time, Gibson’s evidence is important inasmuch as it helps validate the stories of other women that Moore has attempted to paint as liars — including Leigh Corfman, who was just 14 when Moore allegedly molested her.

Byrd pretended to be an ardent Moore supporter and "defended" him against accusations of sexual misconduct with teen girls while he was in his 30s. Kimmel explained the whole situation during his monologue - and he didn't hold back. "You know, Roy Moore, this guy running for Senate in Alabama, even though multiple women accused him of hitting on them, groping them, etc., before they were 18-years-old? Famous celebrity feuds happening the year you were born1982: Michael Jackson vs.

does that look like the face of someone who hits on teenage girls?!

Tensions had risen with Gilmour while working on their album "The Final Cut," and, well, Waters was no longer feeling “comfortably numb.” The next year, Waters took the guitarist, Gilmour, as well as drummer, Nick Mason, to court to stop them from performing as Pink Floyd without him.

They eventually made up and Waters has since admitted to regretting the legal battle. David Gilmour At the tail end of the year, bassist Roger Waters announced he was leaving the legendary rock group.

Multiple women who came forward at great personal risk to accuse Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of molesting or pursuing them as teenagers found themselves the brunt of politicized attacks — from Moore, from the public, and even from the president of the United States.


  1. One difference between adolescent and adult relationships is the absence of elements traditionally associated with greater male power in adult relationships.[17] Adolescent girls are not typically dependent on romantic partners for financial stability, and they are less likely to have children to provide for and protect. Huebner, "Severe Dating Violence and Quality of Life Among South Carolina High School Students," 19 (2000): 220-227.

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