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Also make sure to close the Lotus Notes client on the server.It cannot be running at the same time the Connector tries to connect to the Domino server.

To be able to represent different variations, the Connector implements _Contact objects, also known as Virtual Contacts (VC).

These objects are created so they can join to existing MV objects or projected as new objects.

To Create a Lotus Domino connector, in Synchronization Service select Management Agent and Create. If your version of synchronization service offers the ability to configure Architecture, make sure the connector is set to its default value to run in Process.

On the Connectivity page, you must specify the Lotus Domino server name and enter the logon credentials.

For delta import, it is also possible that the C native interface is used (depending on the selected delta import method).

Before you use the Connector, make sure you have the following prerequisites on the synchronization server: Operations either go directly to the Domino directory or through the Admin P process.

From a high-level perspective, the following features are supported by the current release of the connector: The Lotus Domino connector uses the Lotus Notes client to communicate with Lotus Domino Server.

As a consequence of this dependency, a supported Lotus Notes Client must be installed on the synchronization server.

For MIM2016 and FIM2010R2, the Connector is available as a download from the Microsoft Download Center.


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