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Then she will want to have sex with me” Women don’t usually have sex with a man they have gotten to know. You can complete control over yourself, if you choose to have it. If you’re searching for enlightenment, then enlightenment cannot be the goal, or you’ll never reach it. Trying to do so will cause pain and suffering and anxiety, and that leads to a whole waterfall of issues that become very difficult to stop. During my years of learning the subtle ways of dating and also teaching it, it has come across my mind that even despite having read books on how to be attractive to women and consuming endless online products on this matter is no use if you do not have certain game plan. I’m here to talk about an idea that spiritual gurus such as OSHO, Sadhguru and others have severely emphasized in their talks with their followers, and that is…

This carefree attitude will not only help you appear more attractive; it will also help you enjoy dating more. If we could just drop the self-doubt, we would enjoy dating much more. Just relax and you'll find dating to be a better experience. If you're not having fun while dating, you should stop dating.

This is probably the hardest of our five easy rules. So when you go out on a date, be less concerned about how you look or what the other person is thinking. Like we've said before, dating should not be stressful.

When I was new to the dating world, not knowing what sparks attraction within a woman, thinking looks matter and therefore starting to work out, trying to get myself down to a low body fat percentage just so that women would approve of me […] Read More… I came across this guy recently who had an interesting question for me… How can i have her do every kinky thing I […] Read More… I believe the biggest problem we have in our world today is not taking responsibility for our own life. A certain question was brought upon my attention the other day, which was the idea of how is one able to trust the process just like that without having any solid proof of being on the right path?

They usually try to get to know a man they want to have sex with.. Basically, what these wonderful teachers (I love them, don’t get me […] Read More…

For those that find it easy, we don't know what their secret is.

These are questions we obsess and agonize over, making dating a stressful situation.

So don't be so quick to think a date will go badly or that no one wants to go out with you.

Be optimistic and have some hope that you're going to meet someone great.

In fact, some of my last posts have been about embracing chaos, success barriers and even enlightenment! I haven’t been posting much recently, but this topic is just wayyyy to important for me to not share!

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