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Black Cat Bone distils its dreamscapes into four sections.

Adi Da recites "The Heart of Understanding", the Prologue to His autobiography, The Knee Of Listening. Troubles arise for onewho does not know the actin which he lives.

"The Heart of Understanding" also is the Prologue to His book, Easy Death. Therefore, I display the image of my loved one and me.

Black Cat Bone includes scenes of murder and animal frenzy, as well as the more usual bad ends of being unloved and forgotten.

This combination of beauty and abjection, a tonality found nowhere else in British poetry, has brought Burnside a cult readership.

It's meant to foster "healthy relationships" on campus by addressing the issue of consent and sexual assault. Their lack of passion of hope, of despair, of a sense of the twinship of love and death is incomprehensible to me.

Speak About It has also been staged at colleges and universities nationwide, including Harvard, Brown, Williams, and Bates. In one skit, a bisexual woman reveals intimate details of her sex life. Eros is, in other words, the beating heart of life.

If you want to get a sense of how college students approach sex, the play Speak About It is a pretty good place to start. , created by and starring Lena Dunham, and very popular among twentysomethings, is essentially one unerotic sex scene after another. He was an atheist who, rumor has it, had student lovers.

It's a series of skits written by students at Bowdoin, a small liberal arts college in Maine. When the second episode of season one opens, for instance, Hannah (Dunham) passively lies on a bed as her hookup buddy, Adam, has sex with her. He wrote extensively about eros, the Greek word for passionate, sexual love.

A musician and chromaticist, he's a poet whose rapt, floating verse conjures up effects of great beauty in both the ear and the imagination.


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