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He's always on the prowl, and today he's snagged a cute, petite blonde named Hannah Hays. Now watch Keisha's pretty little cunt get stretched so much, she winces in pain. King works it in slowly, and by the end of today's poolside fuck session, Keisha is twerking on it like there's no tomorrow. She's like any typical small-business owner, working hard and dealing with bad employees. She's screwed up an order, and the food prep is taking way longer than she imagined!We'd love to show you the "pick up", but parking lot security snagged our camera! He's over six feet tall, and his muscles are so huge, his work coveralls barely fit. What's left but for our little black cock slut swallow his nut? King's pool service is weekly, and now Keisha's BBC service will be weekly as well! Loni is very worried her customers are going to leave bad reviews on the internet, so she's willing to make things right for all!I pushed deep into her and let ten powerful jets of cum empty into her pussy."WOW!

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So we begin today's tale in Mandingo's "play room", Dingo's POV camera focusing on Hannah's sweet, blonde beauty! Hannah is stretched beyond belief, her sweet pussy firmly gripping all 14 inches of dick. Since Keisha first laid eyes on him, she's wondered if his cock is as big as his biceps. Her plan to seduce him is painfully obvious: Keisha dons her skimpiest bikini to lay out in the sun. That means this petite, ebony slut is going to drop to her knees and open up her eager mouth.

It doesn't take long for Hannah to start stuffing her mouth with Mandingo's over-sized black dick! Dingo hits it in a variety of his favorite positions before unloading on Hannah's pretty face! After the 5 white boys skull fuck little Loni Legend, they're going to pound her little cunt until it's sore.

She hummed a lovely melody as she walked out of my room.

My big black cock gets me in all kinds of trouble but I wouldn't have it any other way. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.

Her inner labia clung to my shaft as it glided inward and outward.“Make me cum baby,” she moaned with a quiet whisper as I continued to pummel her.“Bitch, I can do this for hours.” I gave her fleshy ass a hard swat with my free hand.“Oh do that again,” she begged.

I swatted her milky white jiggling ass until it turned a bright pinkish color.“I’m gonna cum.” Her body tensed up and she released a shot of juice from her pussy.

" Betty glared at me."I feel terrible," I answered with a cough. I probably jerked off in my sleep but I had no idea where my briefs were.“Well, Mr. Didn't nurse Amy make sure you put your underwear on after your bath? It seemed like a wonderful dream but evidently it wasn't just a dream."Don't remember," I answered as she sat at a table and took down some notes. Since I had an arm in a sling, I asked nurse Betty a favor. "Yeah suck that big black cock you white slut.""MMHHMMMHNMMM," Betty voice mumbled as she sucked me."Bitch, I want some pussy." I grabbed a hand full of her auburn hair and pulled her back. She grabbed a fresh washcloth and soaked it with warm water.

I wasn't kidding, I felt like shit."You're lucky the bullet didn't shatter your shoulder bone. " Her face looked flush and her voice a bit flustered as she covered me. I was now awake enough to realize nurse Betty was an attractive lady. She kicked off her shoes and unfastened her pants and pulled them down to her ankles. She took off her panties and began to wash her pussy with the soapy washcloth."I've been working for ten hours, I'm not very fresh down here." She finished washing her pussy and turned her back to me and bent over the sink.

After Betty helped me back to bed, her voice had a much friendlier tone.


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