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Using a variety of techniques developed for a sport known as canyoneering, you'll hike ...Assail Costa Rica's class II-V rapids in one of the most vibrant and vivacious corners of the planet.

Costa Rica, officially the Republic of Costa Rica, is a country in Central America bordered by Nicaragua and Panama. In total, Costa Rica comprises 51,100 km2 (19,700 sq.

mi) with an estimated population of approximately 4.5 million.

Explore pristine gorges and canyons embedded in the Costa Rican rainforest as you hike, down climb, swim, jump, rappel and zipline your way through an adventure of a lifetime.

Waterfall rappelling is one of Costa Rica’s ultimate adventure sports.

These women are laid-back and enjoy relaxing outdoors.

They also enjoy an active lifestyle when not in the mode of relaxation.

Explore the wilderness while rafting down spring-fed rivers rambling through primary and secondary rainforest among rolling hills, pastures and valleys tossing and bucking visitors who dare to test its raging waters. The rare, the mystical, the brilliant and the cuddly hide in the foliage of the Costa Rican rainforest.

Many nature lovers come to Costa Rica looking for just one animal: a sloth chewing on a fistful of leaves, a capuchin monkey jumping between tree branches or a chance to see the resplendent quetzal's azure and ruby plumage. Costa is the leading travel, relocation, real estate and weather source of information about Costa Rica.

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